1. How to use the Website?
1.1. How to create an account?
To create an account, click on the log in button at the top right of the page. All the information to log in or create an account is explained in detail.
1.2. What are the benefits of the membership program? 
Discounts and special offers depending on the membership level
1.3. How to receive special offers? 
Subscribe to the newsletter and be a member to get even more discounts
1.4. Where can I find advice on products?
By clicking on the "PRODUCTS" tab, you can access all available products from the TRAVELSANA range by alphabetical order. They are also sorted by category to facilitate your search. You can directly access the product you are interested in by clicking on it. The product sheets contain all the useful information (Benefits, Ingredients and Scientific Evidence, Supplement Facts). Under the "BENEFITS" tab, you will find a short animation to help you understand the type of context in which the product is recommended.
1.5. What is the heading ”Your Health"? 
On the "YOUR HEALTH" page you will find useful information on general health for each product category. It provides comprehensive information on how the body works and how it functions, as well as tips on how to improve your health.
1.6. Where can I find video content?
Located under the tab BENEFITS of each product, a fun animation explains the context in which the product is recommended. Other videos are available under YOUR HEALTH on the health topics covered. 
1.7. How to receive regular updates and news?
To receive our news and NEWSLETTERS, you just register by completing the form available at the bottom of the TravelSana homepage.
1.8. The website is not displayed correctly.
If the site does not display correctly, try using another browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Microsoft Explorer or Edge, Safari, Firefox).
1.9. Is it possible to change the language of the site? 
This international site is available in English for the moment.

2. Payment & Delivery
2.1. What payment methods do you accept?
We accept most credit cards on the market: American Express, Apple Pay, Diners Club, Discover, Elo, Google Pay, JCB, MasterCard, Shop Pay, VISA.  
2.2. Is the payment secure on your site?
Yes, the eCommerce platform Shopify, guarantees secure payment on this site. 
2.3. My card is not working?
Check that the information provided is correct and if the payment is still not achieved, contact your credit card provider.
2.4. Can I get a discount for my purchase?
Special offers are available on the website for our exclusive for members. and by subscribing to our NEWSLETTER.
2.5. When can I expect my order?
Thanks to the tracking number you will receive by email, information on the delivery time. Shipment will take place maximum one working day after placing your order and you will receive it within 2 to 4 days depending your location.
2.6. How do I track my order?      
You will receive your tracking number by email.
2.7. In which countries can you deliver?
We deliver in most countries in the the world.
2.8. Are delivery times as expected or affected by COVID-19?
All measures have been taken and our delivery times are not impacted by the crisis caused by COVID-19.
2.9. Does COVID-19 have an impact on product and delivery prices?
No, the price of our products as well as the delivery costs are not higher due to the crisis caused by COVID-19.
2.10. What is your return policy?
Products will be replaced in 14 days after your order in case of damages during transportation or error on the product delivered.

3. Questions about our products
3.1. How to find a product?
By clicking on the "PRODUCTS" heading you can directly access all available products by alphabetical order. For a quicker and more efficient search, select the product category of your interest  to reduce the number of results. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to use the chatbot or send us an email.
3.2. What are the different product categories?
The product categories have been defined in order to cover the traveler’s need. The YOUR HEALTH section will provide you detailed information on each category with the list of related products.
3.3. How do I find more information about a product?
On each product page, under the tab "BENEFITS", you can learn about the context in which the product is useful (explanation and animation). The tab "INGREDIENTS AND SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE” provides additional information. Under the tab "SUPPLEMENT FACTS”, you will also find the complete data on the conditions of use for each product. If you have any additional questions, please contact us via the chatbot or by e-mail.
3.4. How do I know if the product is right for me?
To check if a product is in line with your needs, click on "BENEFITS" tab. The contexts in which the product is recommended for use are clearly explained, including a fun animation video. You may also read under the "SUPPLEMENT FACTS” for details on the Ingredients, Recommended Intake, and Warning. If you have any further questions, you can contact us via the chat or by e-mail.
3.5. Where to find the composition of the products?      
The composition of the product is described under the tab "SUPPLEMENT FACTS".
3.6. How to find the most popular products?
You can find the most popular products on the home page under the "BEST SELLERS" section.
3.7. When do my products expire?
Each product packaging has the " Best before end " mention, as well as each blister or individual stick.

4. My account / orders
4.1. Can I order if I am not a member?
Yes, you do not need to be a member to order products. Being a member simply allows you to get additional benefits.
4.2. How do I remove a product from my cart?
Your current shopping cart is accessible at the top right-hand side of the screen under the "CART" tab. By clicking on this tab, you can either modify the quantities or delete items. You can also perform these operations  during the check out procedure.

5. Blog & Articles
5.1. Are the articles on the site come from real scientists?
The people who publish scientific or nutritional articles are professionals in the sector and have great expertise in the topics covered. A short biography of the editors is added at the end of each blog, you may also click on Read More for additional information on the author. 
5.2. What are the ”healthy lifestyle" items?
The lifestyle elements are everyday health topics. Articles about situations that business travelers or very active people are dealing with. The goal is to allow nutrition to support our body, making it more resistant and able to endure stress without compromising health. 
5.3. Is it possible to add comments?
It is possible to click on "like" as well as to share the article on different social networks.
5.4. How many articles do you publish each quarter?
Blog articles are generally posted on a weekly or biweekly basis.
5.5. Do the newsletters contain the articles I can find on this website?  
No, the contents proposed in the newsletters are addressed to our members and have different contents from those proposed on the site.